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Selected from 40 applications from developers in over 20 countries and across a range of industries, three teams were crowned joint winners, each receiving $20,000 in Minima tokens.

The winners


A contactless payments solution for mobile using NFC and QR code conected to Minima wallet for online and offline settlement.


A truly decentralized marketplace where the provenance of items are validated on the blockchain and enabling owners and buyers to seamless settle payments peer-to-peer.


A platform for monetizing advertising and view-to-earn, managed through a DAO without third party intermediaries where users retain their digital privacy.

Minima is working with the successful teams to build their products into applications to run on the Minima protocol.

The runners-up

Personal protection

MiniDapp for personal protection using Minima to secure and authenticate data provenance for recorded crime from video or other format; as evidence in prosecution proceedings and for intervention.


MiniDapp for loyalty and rewards programme earned by playing physical sports in real life competitions! NFTs awarded to participants as points and prizes to help grow local communities of sports enthusiasts, offering the first crypto-payment platform for amateur sports.


A metaverse where each node ID generates a unique address allowing users to transact peer-2-peer without third party intermediaries.

Tracking provenance of food

A MiniDapp to track provenance of food from farm to fork with incentive to buy organic and local produce and loyalty token for local communities.

The competition reach

The Innovation Challenge demonstrated the global reach of Minima and the interest to develop applications for real value and utility.

The applications revealed the huge potential of talented developers keen to build on Minima’s protocol.

Developers in the wider community are encouraged to join the movement with submission of prototypes and MiniDapps.

Developer grants are available to support and reward work done for developing working demos as well as contributing to the documentation and education articles.

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